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Nature lovers, head to Vanuatu

The picturesque island nation of Vanuatu is the ultimate place to go to enjoy nature and have amazing outdoor adventures.

Take to the water

Surrounded by thriving and beautiful aquamarine waters, this is the place to go if you love the water and want to experience thrills and excitement with a range of sports.

Kayaking is big throughout the region, with opportunities to cruise through the seas, and even camp out on a remote and lush island, which is an experience that will put you right in the heart of Vanuatu.

If you want to up the ante, try parasailing, jetskiing or flyboarding. The latter is a once in a lifetime opportunity - flyboards have been described as being a cross between a jetpack and hoverboard.

Also big on and around the islands is fishing and scuba diving. Don't miss out on the chance to strap on a wetsuit and diving tank and witness the vibrant marine life of the area!

Head to the hills

The untouched rainforests of Vanuatu will make you feel like you've been transported to paradise. Eco Tours are available on many islands and are a great way to venture into the rainforests to see some of the most spectacular sights here, including birds, waterfalls, volcanoes and coconut plantations.

The Blue Cave Tour will take you to one of the most stunning sights on Tanna. With a guide you will head into the cave, see the rock formations and swim in the bright blue waters, all the while learning more about how they came to be and the stories surrounding them.

On Northern Malekula island, Dogs Head Walk is another great choice, as it will take you into the tropical wonderland. The walk takes two days and you'll be with a personal guide, who can tell you stories all about the bushland, Pacific ocean and villages.