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How to enjoy the Summit Garden of Vanuatu

It's one of the most underrated gardens in the world, but Vanuatu's Summit Gardens come together to make a real breathtaking experience that will be memorable for the whole family. Before you even reach the garden, you'll feel your lungs opening up as they take in the sweet, fresh air. Just as your nose gets a whiff of the botanical scents, your eyes will then be overwhelmed by the vibrant floral colours that decorate every corner of the garden.

These are the largest tropical gardens in the South Pacific, with 11 distinct collections that cover some 10 hectares of space. It goes without saying that this is an incredibly special place, but it is important to note that this garden was designed to highlight the beauty and culture of the natives.

The Summit Garden's remarkable grounds have been open to visitors since November 2011. Now, it's your turn to explore these unforgettable gardens on the unforgettable islands of Vanuatu.

Here are four things you'll need in order to properly enjoy the the Summit Gardens with your family:

1. Proper outdoor equipment

It's easy to get caught up in the beauty of nature and forget that you've been in the sun for a while, so it's important to think ahead. Before you head out, check items off this list to ensure the family is adequately protected from the sun:

  • Sunscreen: Lather up with at least an SPF 30 and reapply every couple of hours throughout your adventure.

  • Hats and sunglasses: Keep your most sensitive areas, your face and eyes, shielded from the sun.

  • Close-toe shoes: You'll be on your feet exploring all day, and as such it's crucial to wear a comfortable pair of shoes.

  • Water bottle: Don't risk the dangers of dehydration and keep a couple of extra bottles on hand!

2. An outdoor guidebook

Don't forget to grab a guidebook so you can identify the species you're looking at while perusing the gardens. Studying the different arrangements ahead of time will make the trip all the more exciting and educational. Once you know some of the flowers, you can have some fun with the kids and make a game of Bingo out of the different flora. There are thousands of different flowers and plants that have been brought in from all over the world, so your board could be pretty extensive.

3. A high resolution camera

The colours are just too stunning to properly capture on a smartphone, so you'll be more than happy that you invested in a high-res camera. These will pick up all the minute details and make the images all the more vibrant so when you flip through the vacation slide show, it'll feel like you're right back in the garden. Plus, the grounds are so beautiful that there are countless awesome family photo ops just waiting around every corner. Just don't get forget to look up from taking pictures once in a while and experience the garden with your own eyes.

4. A pack of tissues and allergy medication

Hey, better to be safe than sorry. The senses can get a little overwhelmed with all the new smells - and this is especially true for those with allergies. A pack of tissues can really save the day if someone starts to get the sniffles. To play it on the safe side, have everyone who is typically prone to seasonal allergies take their regular medication beforehand. A sneeze attack doesn't have to force you to leave the adventure early if you have tissues ready to save the day.

Most importantly, don't forget to go in with an open mind! The whimsy of the Summit Gardens has the ability to make your imagination go wild. Have fun!