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How to celebrate Christmas in Vanuatu

Spending the holidays on vacation and away from the the usual Christmas runaround sounds like an amazing idea - and it is! - but it's easy to feel a little homesick when you miss out on all your usual traditions. 

The good news is that if you're heading to Vanuatu for your getaway, you won't feel like you're missing a thing because this little country loves to celebrate big. We've also whipped up a couple of activities for you to do so you won't miss any of your own family traditions either, check them out.

Decorate the palm trees 

Part of the excitement of Christmas is the lead up to it and a big part of that is decorating. Putting up all the Christmas ornaments on the tree is usually a nice family bonding experience, so you don't want to miss out on that just because you're on vacation! Put up some lights and even grab some trinkets from local shops to decorate where you're staying - it'll make such a nice personal touch.

Make some sand angels 

Other parts of the world get a white Christmas, but you know what, forget the snow! The white sandy beaches that make up the coast of Vanuatu are the perfect place to roll around in. For many, part of the magic of Christmas is the snow angels, glittery from fresh powder. Instead, opt for a beach full of sand angels. Also swap out snowmen for sandcastles and sledding for surfing. Don't miss out on all these fun holiday activities because you can make them even better when you visit the beaches of this island paradise. 

Enjoy the coconut milk eggnog 

Spice up seasonal drinks like eggnog and use your tropical flavours to enhance the drink - coconut milk! Sip this during your Christmas dinner that is also adapted to fit in with your new surroundings. Instead of your usual roast, in Vanuatu you're probably going to enjoy a feast featuring more seafood delicacies.

Unwrap some souvenirs 

No one can deny the feeling of excitement that comes with unwrapping presents - though because this trip is likely a big present to the whole family, you probably won't get to unwrap too much. Memories and good quality family time are the best gift anyone can give, but why not also get yourself some souvenirs to enhance those memories. When you think about it, souvenirs are almost better than the surprise of real presents because they are packed with so much more meaning. 

Now you're ready to have the happiest of holidays with the family - enjoy!