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How can you surprise your significant other in Vanuatu?

How can you surprise your significant other in Vanuatu?


What do all couples crave? One-on-one holiday time. But what do all couples struggle with? Deciding on the perfect place to holiday.

Allow us to take that burden off your hands. We know exactly where you should go - Vanuatu! It's the ultimate couples destination filled with adventure and romance. Once you've booked your trip, however, why not throw in a couple of surprises for your significant other?

Come with us and we will show you why Vanuatu is perfect for couples by identifying some of the romantic spots in Vanuatu that will make for a sweet surprise. Here's a selection of how you can treat your partner extra special.

Luxurious resorts and spa packages

If you're looking for romantic couples activities in Vanuatu, what better than attending a luxe resort with an accompanying spa? After a morning spent by the resort pool, surprise your partner by bringing them to the spa for an afternoon of absolute bliss. These massages are unlike any other. Because Vanuatu was formed by volcanoes, the locals have made use of the volcanic ash by turning it into a body scrub.

Finally, indulge in a coconut cream bath treatment - you'll walk away feeling completely at ease.

Delicious local dining

Now you're both pampered and feeling good, it's time to grab some food. The local cuisine in Vanuatu is sublime - your palate will be greeted with fresh tropical flavours like papaya, mangoes and fresh fish. Tropical ingredients are fused together to get treats like coconut crab or lap lap, the national dish made from yams, banana or manioc that's soaked in coconut cream.

Some of the more adventurous dishes, however, include flying fox and wild pigeon. Don't knock them until you try them - they're perfectly succulent, and there's nothing like trying new foods to bring a couple together. Reach out to us to make a reservation at a restaurant near you.

The best part about these meals is that they don't make you feel sluggish after. You could have a whole feast and still feel ready to go out after. And that is exactly what you'll do...

Vanuatu's exciting nightlife

After dinner always comes dancing, and Vanuatu has an amazing nightlife. Dancing is a big part of the culture, so it's nearly impossible to have a bad time when you're out. Explore the beach bars, like Banyan Bar - its rustic decor includes lounge chairs, fire pits, fruity cocktails and of course dancing in the sand. After you're done dancing, retire to the Lava Lounge with its laid-back vibe, where you can listen to live music.

If you want to learn more about any of the packages we offer, or need help arranging a surprise for your significant other, contact our team today. We'd love to help you plan your whole trip.