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Have an explosive experience in Vanuatu

Yasur Volcano in Vanuatu is known for being spectacular and magnificent. It's fondly known as the lighthouse, because it so frequently lights up the sky with hot red lava.

What makes this landmark special?

Yasur is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. In fact, it's well known for having consistent small explosions since Captain Cook witnessed it's power in 1774. However, it's thought that eruptions were happening for centuries before this.

This volcano is also still very accessible - you can walk right up to the mouth of the volcano and stare into the fiery pit. It's one of the most visited volcanoes in all of Vanuatu. People from far and wide travel to the South East top of Tanna Island just to see it.

Those who visit are in awe of the landmark, for it is a sight to behold - with spitting fire and the deep black, hardened lava.

Take a tour

There are a number of opportunities to witness this volcano first hand on a tour. Volcano Discovery is a tour company that specialises in taking you to some of the best sights in Vanuatu.

Volcanoes, Adventure and Culture is a 14 day tour that focuses on Yasur as well as Ambrym. On this adventure tour, you'll see the two most active volcanoes in Vanuatu as well as some of the vast stretches of rugged rainforests and the palm tree lined beautiful beaches.

Along with simply witnessing the sights, try something a little more daring and choose the option to abseil into Bembow crater on Ambrym.

This tour also gives insight into the traditions and culture of Vanuatu - with a visit to the village of John Frum where you will partake in a traditional celebration with the locals and enjoy a swim in the hot volcano springs.

Other tour options with this company that include a trip to Yasur is Volcanoes in the South Sea and Yasur Volcano travel which is an expedition specifically to Tanna Island.