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Explore the amazing marine life of Vanuatu

The hot climate of the South Pacific is ideal for those vacationers who enjoy the sandy escapades of beach life. Seafood, sand castles and seashell hunts are all part of the perfect package, but what better completes it than an exploration to see some amazing sea creatures? No matter how old you are, it never seems to get less exciting to see marine life in its natural habitat. If you and the family are planning on checking out Vanuatu's marine animals up close, then read on to learn more about what you'll encounter!

Sailing with the dolphins

Seeing a dolphin jump among the waves from the beach is one thing, but watching them play alongside your sailboat is another. The South Pacific waters are the perfect place for viewing dolphins as they are home to both spinner and spotted species. Get off the beach and onto the bow of a boat as there are many day cruise options available on the island, so be sure to schedule one in advance. If you're lucky, you might even spot a whale or two.

Sand castles at the turtle sanctuary 

Vanuatu's turtle sanctuary is located on Tranquility Island. It is home to hawksbill babies who are raised until they're a year old before being released back into the wild. The sanctuary takes care of these hatchlings in their first year because this particular species of turtle is the most endangered of them all, and the first year of life as a turtle is the most dangerous. But once they've matured, they're ready to take on the elements themselves. Come at the right time of their maturity, and you just might be able to witness them swim away and then you can enjoy the beach.

Snorkelling with the sea creatures

There's no bad spot in Vanuatu to go snorkelling and explore the world under the ocean. As you drift through the water you'll spot a variety of marine life (maybe even a hawksbill turtle) and beautiful patterns of coral. The fish swim in colourful groupings with patterns so bright they'll dazzle the whole family. If there are still some who aren't strong swimmers in your family, you can always take out some kayaks. The water is clear blue so you won't miss a thing.

The waters around Vanuatu are home to many more sea creatures, but you'll have to go check out all the islands with your family to find out what they are!