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Discover the delights of Vanuatu flora and fauna

Where can you find the largest tropical gardens in the South Pacific and opportunities for adventure all in one? The Summit in Mele Bay, right by Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu.

It's here that you'll find natural beauty, in the form of lush native flora and fauna. Essential oil plants such as sandalwood thrive in this tropical oasis.

How can I experience the gardens?

There are many tours available, from scenic and peaceful walks that highlight the various plants and flowers, to adventure experiences including a thrilling zipline ride.

The plantation tour will take you to see some of the 120,000 sandalwood trees, as well as tamanu and nagai trees. The coconut palms are the base for cold-pressed oils and the flowers of the ylang ylang trees are vital for tinctures. You'll learn all this and more, and see the flourishing wildlife, on the tour.

The Vanuatu Jungle Zipline is an exhilarating attraction. Stretching out at 900 metres, you'll cover six ziplines and two suspension bridges. This is a unique way to experience the tropical rainforests.

As well as enjoying the landscape on a tour, you can see where health and beauty products with these plants as a base are made. The Summit Essential Oils Distillery is a must - you'll see the behind the scenes process of the craftsmen producing the oil from the plants and creating perfectly pampering products.

Pick up some of these gorgeous and natural products from The Summit Health and Body Shop, and stop in for a bite to eat at the cafe. The food here is delicious and distinctly Vanuatu and you'll have picturesque views of Mele Bay and the vibrant blue ocean.

The gardens are right near many other attractions, so on your day of fun with the family, you can try snorkelling or sea kayaking.