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Come sail away in Vanuatu


Ahoy there landlubbers! You may have been doing a great deal of exploring the shores of Vanuatu, but have you spent enough time in the water yet? We're not talking right along the beaches - oh no! One of the best ways to enjoy Vanuatu is to get out into the open waters! Truly, there is nothing so equally refreshing and thrilling as being aboard a sailboat as it zips along with the ocean breeze and teeters with the rolling waves.

If you want to experience the wind through your hair and the sound of a flapping sail, then you have to take the kids out on one of the country's many sailing excursions. Today we're going to run through the things you'll need to bring on your cruise, as well as some of the cruises you can charter.

What to pack for your sailing excursion 

If you and the family are about to embark on your first ever sailing cruise then you might not know exactly what to pack. You might think it's all bathing suits and fun, but when you're out on the open sea, it can actually get relatively chilly! Dress in layers, or pack a sweater to throw on just to be on the safe side. Having extra, lighter layers will also help protect you from the sun. A sailboat doesn't always have the most areas to take a break from the rays, unless you want to go below deck and miss out on all the fun that is! So be sure to bring along plenty of sunscreen and other accessories to help shade you, like sunglasses and a hat.

Getting your sea legs can be tricky at first, and boat decks can get slippery, so if you want to avoid an overboard situation, you might be better off wearing rubber bottom shoes instead of sandals. Depending on how long you are going to be out on the water, and what your charter package includes, you may also want to pack some snacks and extra water. You wouldn't want anyone getting grumpy and sulking from hunger when they cold be enjoying the amazing coastal views of Vanuatu. That said, let's get onto the fun part, your cruise options!

Efate cruise aboard Bligh

Head to Efate and jump aboard the 31 foot yacht Bligh for cruises that last anywhere from half of a day to two day and even special extended options. Those who take on this cruise are often delighted by playful dolphins, easy-going turtles and of course, beautiful views of Vanuatu and Mbasi Bay. Excursions often include anchoring and actually getting into the water to snorkel around and check out what is below the waves as well!

Two-day and extended options allow you to spend more time amongst the uninhabited and lesser explored parts of the islands, and include meals!

Charter your own boat

Of course, if you are a seasoned sailor, you can always take matters into your own hands and bring your family out sailing by your own accord! When you're at the wheel, you can go wherever you want! It's the perfect opportunity to teach the kids the ropes as well, making it a holiday you'll truly never be able to forget. How many people can say that they learned to sail in Vanuatu? Not many, so if you can give your kids this once in a life time opportunity, you should!

Need help planning and scheduling your cruise? Just contact our team here at Hoot Holidays, we'll help you get everything sorted so you'll be sailing away in no time!