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Check out the top attractions of the 80 islands of Vanuatu

When planning a family vacation to the Pacific country of Vanuatu, keep in mind you aren't just going to one island, you're visiting over 80. That sounds like an overwhelming amount of fun and attractions. That being said, where do you even begin the trip? With that many islands how can one possibly take it all in? What do you do? Take a deep breath and have no fear! A good amount of the islands aren't even inhabited, so that helps manage the list considerably. We're here to narrow things down so you won't miss out on any of the good stuff.

Here's a guide to everything you must do when your family visits Vanuatu.

Eksaup Village, Efate

If you want to take in the traditional life of Vanuatu's villagers, then you'll have to head to Eksaup Cultural Village. There, locals share their way of life with guests, including food, dancing and hunting techniques. Some methods are so antiquated they involve catching fish with spider webs.

Mele Cascades, Efate

Who isn't a sucker for a gushing waterfall? Mele Cascades is 35 metres high, and gently collects in pristine, aquamarine pools. And yes, you can go swimming if you'd like. It's quite refreshing on a hot day. Located only 15 minutes from the capital of Port Vila, it's easy to check off your travel list.

Mount Yasur, Tanna

Has the family ever visited a live volcano before? Mount Yasur is one of the most popular destinations on the map in this area. Assuming it's a safe time to go, tourists can either hike or be driven up the volcano and take in the magnificence of boiling lava. For safety reasons, the volcano is not always open to the public, but if given the chance, it's one you should absolutely take.

Millennium Cave, Espiritu Santo

Make no mistake, the Millennium Cave experience is a full day event. A tour guide will lead the whole family through jungles, over bamboo bridges and past waterfalls all so you can make it to this brilliant cavern. Standing at 20 metres wide and 50 metres high, those who aren't afraid of the dark can go exploring - just look out for bats!

Vanuatu Jungle Zipline, Efate

While you're exploring the jungle parts of the islands, why not give the zipline a try? It's quite thrilling as it can reach speeds of 100-160 kilometres an hour and takes you past all the amazing greenery. This activity will surely have everyone feeling the adrenaline!

There you have it, 80 islands doesn't seem so bad any more, does it?