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All about Vanuatu's most famous volcano: Mount Yasur

If your travel fantasies include visions of burbling, dangerous lava and views from smoking mountains of lush green landscape, you won't want to miss visiting a volcano during your next trip to Vanuatu. Due to its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire, the island nation is home to nine active volcanoes - two underwater and seven on land.

While the volcanoes on the islands of Ambrym, Ambae and Lopevi are accessible, the most popular volcano to visit in Vanuatu is Mount Yasur on Tanna Island. Read on to learn more about this fascinating natural anomaly and how you can check it out.

Mount Yasur

Impressive Mount Yasur is known as a stratovolcano due to its steep conical shape and fairly frequent but moderate eruptions. The volcano is believed to have been erupting since before 1774, when Captain James Cook reported its active status. At times, Mount Yasur has caused ash clouds at elevations of around 2,000 metres and has at some points in its history had a lava lake and a central vent.

Visiting the volcano

So how can you visit this impressive and mighty natural attraction? Luckily, the volcano is fairly easily visited by tour from nearby islands. Day trips often include pick up from your resort and a scenic flight from Port Vila to the island with a flyover for the best views of the volcano. Once on Tanna Island, you'll reach the volcano via an exciting 4-wheel-drive journey. Even the trip to the volcano makes it all worth it with beautiful scenes of verdant fields, local villages and stark mountain passes.

Upon arriving at the base of the volcano, you'll hike for approximately 10 minutes up ash dunes before arriving at the crater. With a 400-metre wide crater spitting lava constantly, your jaw will surely drop as you take in this astounding geological formation. After plenty of time to take pictures and enjoy lunch, you'll head back to the airport where you'll embark on the journey back to Port Vila.

For an extra special experience, contemplate factoring in a night's stay on Tanna Island so that you can see the volcano at night. The shimmering and glowing nature of the explosive lava is all the more spectacular when seen in the dark and will be a memory you'll never forget.

To visit Mount Yasur or one of Vanuatu's other impressive volcanoes, consider booking a Hoot Holidays package to beautiful Vanuatu.