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A guide to Vanuatu's beer


Picture this: you're on a relaxing holiday in laid-back Vanuatu. Lying next to your mates on the beach, you enjoy the warm salty breeze of the ocean as you sip on an ice-cold beer. Now, what if we told you that the refreshment in your hand isn't just delicious, but comes from one of the island paradise's three local breweries? Pretty cool, right?

As a beer-loving traveller, your Vanuatu getaway will only be complete if you get to enjoy the variety the luscious haven has to offer. Here's your one-stop guide to the best sips!

Top things to know about Vanuatu beer

You mightn't have thought it, but the residents of the remote South Pacific isle are into their beer. So much so, they have established three local breweries over the years, which can satisfy on even the hottest of days.

Between the three of them, you could be sipping at a crisp golden ale or fruit beer one day, and a porter or imperial pils the next. All the classics are on offer in Vanuatu, but who are the players?

    • Vanuatu Brewing Company: One of the most prominent breweries in Vanuatu, Vanuatu Brewing Co. is famed for its award-winning classic Tusker brew, not to mention it's "big burly brother" Tusker OP, which also has an award to its name.

    • Nambawam Brewery: Though not as large, Nambawam Brewery isn't without its product range. There are four beers to choose from in the lager and ale categories, plus a sweet little cider and - for those less into their strong brews - a radler/shandy called Nambawam Uno Mex.

    • Seven Seas Brewery: One of the few brewery/pubs in the nation, Seven Seas Brewery and Saloon Bar serves up a great lager, amid its classic American saloon decor. You can find it near Port Vila, on Mele Road.

How much does it cost?

Vanuatu beer prices vary depending on the type of brew you indulge in. Because of hefty import duties, local sips are cheaper at about 243.33 VT - which is just under $3 - for a half-litre bottle. Having said that, you still get a good range of very affordable European, Australian and Kiwi drops to indulge your senses for an average 285.00 VT - around $3.50 - for a 330 ml bottle. Of course, the more premium your drink, the more you'll fork out.

In terms of general restaurant etiquette, don't tip - ever. It's also seen as rude if you try to bargain the price, so just stick with the amount you're asked for! If you're travelling in a group with some women, we suggest you always check if the local meeting house or nakamal is female-friendly. Of course, commercial pubs won't suffer from these cultural nuances.

The key thing to enjoying your Vanuatu holiday is not only planning it well before you go, but really allowing yourself to relax when you're there. Going away to a gorgeous Island in the middle of the ocean should be a fun experience after all!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your getaway to Vanuatu - and its local breweries - today!