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4 places to visit on Efate

The island of Efate is a delightful island in the Pacific Ocean that is part of Vanuatu. It's the third largest island of the nation and has many amazing attractions that makes this spot a traveller's dream.

Rainbow Botanic Gardens

With the longest established natural nursery in all of Vanuatu, this is a delightful attraction for nature lovers. It's completely easy to get to, as it's right by Port Vila - in just a seven minute drive you can be at this lush attraction where there are exotic and utterly beautiful flora and fauna.

Mele Cascades

You can't go to Port Vila and not visit the Mele Cascades. With a guided tour, you will be taken by a friendly local past Mele village and right to the waterfalls. You can swim in the natural pool at the base of the beautiful falls and short climb to a lookout at the peak of the attraction. There are also tour options that include refreshments and transport to and from town. You can choose to stay for a few hours or the whole day.

Ekasup Village

The Ekasup Village Tour takes you from your accommodation in Port Vila right into the authentic heart of Vanuatu. When you arrive at Ekasup, it's just a five minute walk through the rainforest to get to the village. This culturally rich village is where you will receive a traditional Chief greeting, decked out in native costumes, and learn about ancient medicine, food and way of life.

The Summit Gardens

Don't miss out on your chance to visit the largest tropical gardens in the South Pacific! You can learn all about the huge variety of beautiful plants, how the essential oils and gorgeous beauty products are created, and even pick up some products from the shop to take home.