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3 excellent adventure activities in Vanuatu

A string of more than 80 tropical, volcanic islands, Vanuatu is an incredible destination offering substantial diversity in terms of activities, sights and culture. While you might come to relax on one of the country's stunning, palm-fringed beaches with a book, Vanuatu is also home to a plethora of fun things to do. Whether you want to get your heart pumping or simply take in the beauty of Vanuatu's undersea world, you'll find something to suit whatever you're looking for. These three activities will jump start your research on all that Vanuatu has to offer when it comes to adventure.

Underwater scooters

Perhaps you've always wanted to go scuba-diving, but haven't gotten the chance to learn. Or maybe you've always wanted to wear one of those old-fashioned deep diver costumes that look more suitable for outer-space. Whatever your motivation, underwater scooters are a fun, safe and unique way to get an up-close look at Vanuatu's dazzling marine life. Operating out of Port Vila from Big Blue dive club, you'll be briefed on the scooters' operation and safety before descending on your scooter to explore the colourful reefs, fish and even turtles that lie below.

Ash boarding

You've skateboarded, snowboarded, even sandboarded, but have you tried ash boarding? Highly enjoyable and worth it even just for bragging rights back at home, you can ash board in Vanuatu on piles of real volcanic ash created by the country's most famous active volcano, Mount Yasur. Standing or sitting, you'll certainly get the adrenaline pumping as you glide, faster and faster, down through the surreal landscape created by remnants of Mount Yasur's explosion. Combine your ash boarding experience with a chance to see the boiling, spitting lava on Mount Yasur itself and you'll leave Vanuatu with an incredible memory for years to come.

Thrilla in Vila - Jet Boating

For those who like to get their adrenaline pumping on high-speed escapades with plenty of twists and turns, a jet boating excursion is an unmissable experience. Operating out of Port Vila, the Thrilla in Vila jet boat adventure abides by New Zealand safety standards while offering plenty of excitement by getting up to speeds of 70 kilometres an hour. Slide, fishtail and spin around Port Vila's picturesque waters for an adventure the whole family can enjoy.

To satisfy both the adventure-lover and sloth in you, there's no better location than Vanuatu's delightful mix of luxurious relaxation and exciting thrills. Book a trip to Vanuatu today with Hoots Holidays.