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Unusual and super fun sports to try in Koh Samui

On your Thailand getaway, head outdoors and try a variety of new sports that you might never have even heard of! And what better place to partake in unusual and wildly fun sports that this gorgeous tropical land?

Frisbee golf

Working with the same rules as golf, this is a very fun game for you and your family. There are nine holes, with chain baskets that catch the frisbee. Play beneath the many fruit trees and test your aiming and throwing abilities as you compete against your kids.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate player or total pro, there is a course for you. What better way to spend the afternoon?


Want a totally unique and futuristic sporting experience? Try flyboarding in Koh Samui! Flyboarding combines a whole array of sports available into one. With some of the best parts of jet skiing, water skiing, wake boarding, snow skiing, snowboarding and diving, this is one fun sport.

It's surprisingly easy, too. With an instructor it'll just take about 20 minutes to get the hang of. You'll pick it up in what feels like no time at all, and with your balance found, will fly freely. You never know - you could even throw a couple of flips in there, just for the fun of it.

With Watersports James Jet Start you can spend your afternoon on Lamai Beach with some wonderfully friendly and skilled instructors.

All terrain adventuring

Explore Koh Samui in a totally unique way with X Quad Samui. In an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) or buggy, you will ride up Samui's highest hill and venture into the wilderness for up to three hours.

An excursion with X Quad also includes hotel transfers and authentic Thai lunch at the restaurant that sits at the peak of the mountain. There is also a chance to swim in the waterfall in the centre of the jungle.