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Top 4 Bangkok landmarks to visit with your family

  1. Visiting landmarks in the bustling city of Bangkok is a great way to see many sides of the city. Check out these landmarks with your family and immerse yourself in Bangkok.

Khao San Road

Here you're sure to encounter other travellers all equally awed by the street. There is no other place quite like this - with a huge array of internet cafes, bars, restaurants, massage parlours, bookshops, travel agents and a number of market stalls. Everything is wild, slightly haphazard and overlapping and there is a definite sense that everyone is carefree and simply going about their business.

Anata Samakhom Throne Hall

This white marble palace is a stunning display of regal architecture and class. It was ordered by King Rama V in 1907 and finished when King Rama VI was in power, and it has a neo-classical Renaissance style reminiscent of Italy. The home of the first Thai parliament and where dignitaries, council meetings and royal occasions take place, it is an important building for Thailand.

Lumpini Park

Do you want a moment of peace in this busy city? Head to Lumpini Park. This landmark was named after the birthplace of Lord Buddha in Nepal and is over half a million square kilometres big. A pivotal part of life in Bangkok, the garden was established in the 1920s for Thai crafts and flower displays.

The Jim Thompson House

The Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company was one of Thompson's biggest achievements. This self-made American entrepreneur has been dubbed the "Legendary American of Thailand" for what he contributed to this country. On your visit you will see six traditional Thai houses that were built around Thailand before they were relocated here. There are guided tours available every day between 9am and 5pm.