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The best souvenirs to bring home from Thailand

Once your holiday starts to wind down, you typically start to think about what you can bring home. The memories are great, but sometimes it's nice to treat yourself to a couple of trinkets to remember your trip. Take a moment to ask yourself, however, where are all the other souvenirs from past vacations kept back at home? Hopefully they've worked their way into your decor, but other times, the wrong souvenir can end up collecting dust at the back of your shelves.

To avoid this, make sure you aren't picking up just any old memorabilia! We've got a quick guide to direct you down the right path of souvenir shopping. These are the best of the best gifts in Thailand that make for fantastic souvenirs to remember your trip by. Let's check them out.

Silk fabric 

Buy your own fabric, or buy clothes already made for you, but either way, there's no leaving Thailand without some silk! This fabric just so happens to be one of the country's top exports. Choose a lovely silk scarf, tie, shirt, table cloth or heck, take them all home with you! It's not every day you're in Thailand. Beware of knock offs though! Real silk won't go for much less than 500 baht - everything less is likely imitation.

Thai cookbooks

We're willing to bet a highlight of your trip was the yummy Thai food, correct? Unfortunately, the grub back at home probably just won't taste the same. That is unless you bring some of the food home with you. Pick up a cookbook with your favourite recipes inside and you'll be able to make those scrumptious dishes right in your very own kitchen.

Thai home decor 

Some of your favourite pots, baskets and dish ware are made right in Thailand. Instead of paying the inflated prices that a retailer will stick you with, shop right at the source! The local Thai markets will likely have beautiful, one-of-a-kind designs that all your friends will be drooling over back at home.

Spa products

Don't let the relaxation stop just because you've left the country. Bring home some of the essential oils, body scrubs and carved floral soaps that you enjoyed on your spa day in Thailand. Every time you use them from there on out, you'll be transported back to your holiday.

You can't leave Thailand without these perfect souvenirs. Pick them up before you're on the plane home!