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The 3 best restaurants in Phuket

Good cuisine is an important part of any holiday, which is why Thailand is a food lover's paradise. When you dine at one of these three Phuket restaurants you'll leave content and with a full belly.

Blue Elephant Restaurant

This chain restaurant is the ultimate in Thai fine dining. While you'll be able to find branches all over the world, dining at the Phuket restaurant is a unique experience, partially because it's located in the gorgeous Governor mansion.

In terms of cuisine, you'll be treated to a host of Thai delicacies like seng wa goong pla duk foo. explains that this a rare dish made from prawn, lemon grass and fried betel leaves. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on it, your mouth is in for a burst of deliciousness. Other highlights include massaman curry, a dish made from a blend of Persian and Thai spices, and several variations of crab.

For a fun holiday activity, Blue Elephant even offers cooking classes so you'll be able to make these phenomenal dishes at home. Instead of getting people souvenirs, commit a Blue Elephant recipe to memory and make a special meal for friends and family when you get back home. You'll literally be giving them their own taste of Thailand.

According to, you should expect to spend anything between 800-1500 baht. This might sound like a lot, but when converted to Australian currency, it works out to less than 60 dollars. Very reasonable for a traditional, gourmet meal in a luxury mansion.


Trisara is a five star restaurant that specialises in fresh seafood. The restaurant has three dining areas: inside, outside under pergolas and outside on the beach-side terrace. While each of these areas is beautiful in its own right, there's something special to be said for dining on seafood next to the sea, enjoying a warm tropical breeze.

Food-wise, you'll enjoy all manner of sea food, from fish to shrimp and shellfish, prepared to a very high standard. The owner of the restaurant, Antoine Melon, has worked all over the world with various Michelin-star restaurants, so it's easy to imagine just how sumptuous the food is. Things to look forward to include the red mullet, slow cooked at 48 degrees with a sweet flavour and tender texture, and freshly grilled whole tiger prawns.

With its nautical decor and its tranquil beige and turquoise colour palette, Trisara is the perfect restaurant for those who prefer elegance that is simple and understated. Price-wise, this is also in the three digit range, but again, this is in Thai currency.

The Corner Restaurant

This restaurant combines German and Thai food to create a unique flavour. With a cosy and welcoming ambience, the Corner has a reputation for good food and friendliness. Ranked number two on TripAdvisor, this restaurant is a huge crowd favourite. Situated in a busy, metropolitan area, the Corner is near several resorts and hotels and so is very easy to get to.

On the menu, you'll find old familiars like chicken cordon bleu and meatballs, perfect for any picky eaters in your holiday party. There's also a kids menu, so there will be something to please the taste buds of younger family members. The restaurant also serves several authentic Thai dishes, including its own version of a massaman curry and the universally classic Thai green curry.

Breakfast is served until 3.30p.m. so the Corner is ideal for when you're craving pancakes but don't want to miss your lie in, and you can also opt for the buffet. Very reasonably priced and with excellent meals, it's easy to see why this restaurant is such a treasure for tourists and locals alike.