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Spelunking in Thailand's best caves

Spelunking in Thailand's best caves


Cave exploration might not be the first activity on everyone's holiday to-do list - because bats, echoes and cold, dark, damp places aren't exactly appealing. These are not the usual criteria most conjure up when they think about going away on vacation. Especially to a place like Thailand where there are tons of idyllic beaches to be lounged on and busy city streets to be wandered.

But think again, because there are quite a few amazing caves to go spelunking in that make for a much more unique experience. You'll find that they aren't the creepy places you expected them to be! Who knows, you might even end up enjoying them more than the beaches or cities themselves.

Check out some of the major caves you can investigate while on holiday in Thailand.

Tham Lum Khao Ngu 

This cave is notable as it is home to the tallest cave column in the world. What on earth is a cave column, you ask? Well, this is when a stalactite (an icicle-like formation that hangs from the ceiling of a cave) meets a stalagmite (a similar formation formed from the ground). They meld together over years and years of dripping minerals and eventually create a massive, natural pillar. This particular  column stands 62 metres tall and is a remarkable dusty orange colour. You won't believe it until you see it.

Tham Lot 

Tham Lot is not your average cave, oh no. In fact, it is a cave system so massive that it has not been completely explored. It's believed that this cave system was once home to ancient civilizations as there have been artefacts like pottery discovered. This is the ultimate destination not just for snippets of culture, but also because you can go rafting through the stream that runs through it! Of course, if you want to explore on foot, you can do that as well.

Tham Nam Lang 

Take in the wonder that is this beautiful limestone cave. It is one of the largest caves in Thailand, at about 1600 metres in length, and as such it is prohibited to tour the cave alone. But you want to be with a guide who knows exactly where to take you anyway, right? This impressive cave has three chambers aside from its main one, and an additional rafting experience. Locals say you'll want to be at the entrance of the cave around sunset so you can watch the swifts fly into the cave for bedtime.

We bet you're ready to get you spelunking on now, aren't you? In these caves awaits unforgettable adventures - go have fun!