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Seashells you'll find by the seashore in Thailand

You've heard the tongue twister before - she sells seashells by the sea shore. Can you say it? No worries if you can't, most can at least agree that collecting seashells while on holiday to the beach is a great way to pass the time on your trip! While seashell collecting is not strictly prohibited in Thailand, it's always a better option to leave the shells you find in their natural habitat - especially if your country is sensitive to you bringing things back.

This doesn't mean you can't head to the beaches and spend an afternoon scouring the sand for the prettiest shells though! If you're travelling to the brilliantly beautiful beaches of Thailand, check out some of these shells that you can be on the lookout for.

Sand dollars

Everyone loves a good sand dollar! These can be found on most beaches, it just takes a bit of patience and keen eyes! If you're in need of some peace and quiet, head to a quieter beach scene in Laem Sala where shellers have had success finding a dollar or two. Sand dollars actually aren't technically shells, they're burrowing sea urchins. But when they wash up onto the beach they still make a great find!


Head on over to Blind Pass, you might just find yourself a sheller's pride and joy: the junonia shell. This rare shell is detailed with brown speckles - similar to the pattern you might see on a giraffe. If you can find just one of these in Thailand, you know your trip has been made!


Careful you don't tread on this shell, stepping on its sharp point wouldn't be any fun. Nonetheless, this is another great find for collectors. Their signature long, glossy bodies are a very pretty prize indeed. However, they can be tricky to find, especially if they still are home to a gastropod. If this is the case definitely leave the occupied shell where you found it so as not to disturb its home.


Sweet little sundials! You can find loads of these scattered about Thailand beaches, and they're easy to find with their signature spiral centre – they're quite mesmerising. If you're building a sand castle, their patterns make lovely decorations for it.

Even if you don't find the shells you really wanted to see, you can't complain about the beaches in Thailand themselves. They are absolutely pristine - perfect after a long day of shell hunting! Book your trip to Thailand today and see what sea treasures you'll uncover!