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Sand castles in Thailand: The country's best family beaches

When visiting a new country there is an inevitable runaround of trying to fit in all the sights and attractions. While Thailand does have more than enough to keep you going all vacation long, don't forget, you need a little R and R! What better place to do this than at the beach? Fortunately for you and the family, Thailand is full coastal beaches ideal for all ages. Because, let's face it, you might be ready to lay down and have a snooze in the sand, but that doesn't mean the kids are.

Check out some of these beaches that will appease all energy levels so you know exactly where to go when you get to Thailand:

1. Ko Kradan

Here's a perfect island beach for a family with a little knight-in-training. Ko Kradan's main beach is filled with two kilometres of white sand and limestone outcrops. In the distance, the limestone appears to rise from the from the sea like the back of an angry, ancient dragon coming to destroy your family's sand castle. There is a coral reef just off the shore for you to explore via kayaks. Circling the island takes about three hours - so after a day of vanquishing dragons and exploration voyages, a sandy beach will be a welcome nap site.

2. Railay Beach

Take a boat ride out to the nearly private beach in Krabi, Railway. The exploration continues at this destination as there are tons of hidden coves to peep around and limestone cliffs to scale. The family can do everything from snorkelling to kayaking to window shopping on the promenade. There's no need to pack a picnic lunch to this beach, with plenty of restaurants to pop into when blood sugar gets low.

3. Koh Samui 

This beach is loaded with activities for the kids. Enjoy a day of building sand castles, hiking around cascading waterfalls or waltz through butterfly gardens. Kids can also take driving into their own hands on the go-kart course. This family-friendly beach is sure to be a highlight of the trip for everyone.

4. Kluai Beach

If the whole family is on board for a secluded getaway, then Kluai Beach, Koh Kood is the spot for you. It's relatively untouched and undeveloped for tourism, so it doesn't attract many people. Finding a sandy spot to post up in is a bit more tricky than a more populated area, but still worth the getaway for sure.

Of course, you could always just make your entire trip about a these beachy destinations and really kick back and relax with the family. As you can see, there's plenty to do!