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Interactive experiences for kids in Bangkok

Bangkok is a wonderful holiday destination, particularly if you're holidaying with your family. With a range of attractions, including exciting activities, animal adventures and a whole plethora of interactive experiences, your kid will come home raving about their time away!

Flow Rider

Head to Flow Rider to find an artificial wave machine that will have your kid feeling like a pro surfer! Cool off from the heat of the city and learn how to stand up, balance and ride the waves. With an inflatable ramp and a thin sheet of water, the activity is a mixture of surfing and wakeboarding.

If your kid loves skateboarding or has tried snowboarding before, they'll pick it up in no time. If they're total beginners, the friendly staff can help them get the hang of it. While they surf, you can lounge on the side, or have a go yourself.

Boeing 737 Simulator

This attraction offers the unique experience of seeing what it feels like to man one of these technological marvels. Step into the cockpit and, after a brief introduction, you'll have the plane in your hands.

The whole experience is wonderfully realistic - so much so this simulator has been used in various movies and TV shows. Choose from more than 24,000 airports to take off from, and spend 30 minutes navigating the air currents and skies.


Kidzania is unlike any other attraction you're likely to visit, and is a whole lot of fun for little ones. The mini-town is decked out with European style houses with amazing attention to detail. Within every single building is another interactive opportunity, with different scenarios and more than 80 jobs. They'll fight fires, fix a car, serve up a first-class meal, be a dentist and present the news.