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How Thailand celebrates the throning of a new king


Thailand's period of mourning over the death of their most recent king is set to last to last about a year, however, the country is also preparing celebration for the new king's coronation in December. As Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn gears up to take his father's place on the throne, so does the rest of the country. To note, the official coronation cannot be held until after the year of mourning, but Vajiralongkorn will still assume the position of king.

Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn's history

Interestingly enough, Vajiralongkorn took some time to grieve his father's death instead of assuming the position shortly after the passing. He was appointed to take over the throne by his father back in 1972, so this has been a long time coming. This is because he is the only son and male heir of the king and queen. Vajiralongkorn was schooled in Europe and Australia and spent time as a military pilot in Thailand. He is now 64 years old and almost ready to take the throne.

Coronation celebrations 

After a year of mourning, the official coronation celebration will commence. Back in 1950 when King Bhumibol rose to the crown, there were three days of celebrations and rituals. It kicked off with a ceremonial bath in the Amerind Hall courtyard. In this custom, the king dressed as a Brahmin priest and had holy water poured over his shoulders as faced east. As the ceremony proceeded, the king was then placed in full coronation garb received representatives of the government.

The most breathtaking part about this whole experience was the royal crown itself. This magnificent piece of jewellery is detailed with diamonds and other precious gems. This one expensive piece of jewellery - it weighs about seven kilograms, imagine that on your head! Once the crown was on Bhumibol's head, there were 101 cannon shots and the country's temples rang their bells in celebration.

Similar rituals and proceedings are expected to go down for the next king! Have you ever celebrated the throning of a new king before? This could be a really cool opportunity for you to experience a celebration that only occurs once every so often.

That said, we think there's no better time to visit Thailand than now! Don't worry - the country shut down for a little after King Bhumibol 's passing, but everyone is up and running again despite the year of mourning. You'll find that everyone, though still missing their former king, has returned to high spirits.