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Dive into some Thailand adventure

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Fun things to do above and below the ocean

We bet you have a lot of activities on your Thailand to-do list.

Beautiful beaches and islands. Tick. Awesome traditional food. Tick.
Eye-popping adventure. You missed that. Don’t.

Thailand is an awesome holiday destination for travellers who like to push themselves to the limit. You can choose from adventurous hiking trails, gruelling bike rides, skydives, snorkelling or scuba diving. When it comes to adventure, there are plenty of fun things to do in Thailand.

Here are some of the best Thailand activities to get your motor running.

First thing's first - zip lining. If you've never been before you're in for one wild ride! The Flying Hanuman, a six-kilometre drive from Patong, is our go-to company.

The Flying Hanuman

It has 28 launch platforms, some over 40 metres high, with flights that last longer than 400 metres. The team there does daily safety checks and inspections so you can trust the ropes. Once you get up on the platform take a deep breath and smell the sweet forest air before you jump and sail through the jungle. Prices start from $135 per person.

You've covered the air, now it’s time to take to the water! You can block out a whole day with a white water rafting tour offered by a few different providers. The river is wild in parts, but still safe for amateurs and the park’s guides do a great job making sure everyone understands the safety procedures. Full day white water rafting programs start from about $120.

If you are heading to Koh Samui, put a quad bike tour on your list. Available from various providers, some tours will even include a ride to a secret waterfall or drinks at a jungle bar. You will ride down jungle trails, through mountain streams and past rocky outcrops. Prices for a two-hour ATV tour cost about $150.

Snorkelling is synonymous with Thailand. There are many providers that will take you beneath the surface and bring you face to face with some of the incredible marine life that call Thailand home, so make sure it’s on your list of activities. If you can only choose one place, make it Phi Phi Island where snorkelling packages including multiple dives (and lunch) are about $115.

If you fancy hanging out with elephants while you’re in Thailand, then head along to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Phuket – the most ethical sanctuary in the region. Here you will have the opportunity to interact, bath and feed these magnificent animals.

It’s all about conservation and caring for elephants here, so don’t expect to ride one, but do expect to learn a lot! Prices vary depending on the program you choose, so let your Hoot Holidays recommend the best package for you.

Feeling excited? We don't blame you! If you need further help planning an adrenaline-filled trip in Thailand, contact our team today. We'll help find you all the best Thailand holiday packages and deals so you can experience even more.

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