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Chiang Mai night safari is perfect for animal lovers

For a memorable experience in Thailand, check out the Chiang Mai Night Safari. You and your family can discover the animals of the wilderness in the magic of the night.

The complex is made up of three zones spaced out around a lake. Make your way from the Savanna Safari to the Predator Prowl and Jaguar Trail on foot or in a tram.

Savanna Safari will transport you to the African plains where animals roam. You'll see herbivores and animals of prey that live in this area of the world, including giraffes, zebras, elephants and antelopes.

Predator Prowl takes you to the jungle, where some of the most ferocious animals live. See big cats galore, from Bengal tigers to pumas and lions, as well as bears, vultures and wild boars.

Tram tours for each of these areas will last you 30 minutes and leave you with a greater knowledge of these species and the areas of the world the reside.

The Jaguar Trail is a nice way to bring your journey to a close. It consists of a walking trail that takes you around the lake. You will see more peaceful animals such as flamingos, ducks, emus and tortoises, as well as regal white-striped tigers and sleek jaguars.

There are activities that are especially great for kids. Get up close and personal with animals of the world when you hand-feed them or pet a tiger cub.

The Tiger Show is the first one of its kind in Thailand. It showcases the grace and athleticism of the different tigers found around the world.

Once they get fidgety, your children will have a great time racing through the Fun Plaza dancing fountain, trying to guess where water will shoot up from and cooling off in the hot temperatures.

For a spectacular end to the evening, check out the laser light show.  Lights and water shoot out in time to the music, creating a beautiful display that has the night sky as a backdrop and is reflected in the fountain.