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5 Thai foods for even the pickiest of eaters

Thailand is quite the up and coming family destination that has a little something for everyone. Journey through ancient cities, lounge on white sandy beaches, or peruse local markets for untold treasures. There are so many wonders to behold!

But if there's one thing this amazing country is famous for, it's the food. And we're not just talking about the Pad Thai! Oh no, we're talking about the skewers of scorpions, fried ducks beaks and mountains of roasted, crispy water bugs. These delights might make kids squeal at first glance, but after closing your eyes and taking a bite, you may just go back for more.

That being said, if you have picky eaters to please, then this paradise might be a little lower on your travel bucket list than you'd like. Thailand undoubtedly has some strange treats, but that shouldn't stop even the choosiest of palates from embarking on what will certainly be an unforgettable family vacation. Check out some of these exotic foods that the whole family can get on board with.

1. Red ant eggs

First one on the list is red ant eggs and you're probably already thinking there is just no chance your child will want to even go near this. But there are trillions of ants in the world - so many that it's estimated their total weight equals that of all humans. So someone has to eat them! Red ant eggs look similar to ground beef, so it could easily be turned it into a little wrap for children who are having trouble eating them on their own.

2. Blue rice

You've probably had to pick up some tricks to get kids to eat along the way - one is making food "fun," aka dying food different colours. If this has worked in the past, then your children will love blue rice. It's cooked with Thai pea flower, and is even thought to help reduce stress (like the anxiety from trying to get your kids to eat)! Blue rice is also great because the dye is au naturale, so don't worry about consuming any artificial flavouring. It's sure to make everyone happy!

3. Green papaya salad

The green papaya salad (otherwise known as som tam) is a very popular street food in Thailand. It's fresh flavours can be prepared in a variety of different ways, perfect for any picky eater. Taste preferences include: sour, hot, salty, savoury and sweet - or any combination of those you'd like! It's sure to please the whole family.

4. Banana pancakes

Who could resist a good pancake? The banana pancake is a must-try, as it is one of Thailand's most tasty treats that has hundreds of different varieties. After having the original flavour, you'll undoubtedly go back for more. Try the orange, hazelnut, chocolate, strawberry - anything! They're often sold right off the street so you can snag one on the go as you hit all the attractions.

5. Fried grasshopper

Your young grasshopper might turn their nose up at this, but it's not a popular delicacy around the entire world for nothing! This little bug that usually hops around picnics can actually be the picnic itself. They're loaded with protein and can be devoured in just one bite. Sprinkled with various seasonings - like lime and garlic - and you've got yourself a real treat for the whole family.

Before you go, be sure to read the kids this list of foods to get them excited about the flavours to come!