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4 reasons why you'll not only want to visit Thailand, but move there

By the end of this article you'll not only want to visit Thailand, but you'll also want to move there. That's a rather large claim, true, but consider this: Thailand is already considered Asia Pacific's most popular tourist destination - so it's safe to say we're already off to a good start. Let's dive right in, shall we?

Here are the top 4 reasons as to why you'll be packing your bags for Thailand in no time.

1. For the warm weather and beaches 

Who wouldn't want to live in a a cosy beach community. Pleasurable weather all year round, turquoise water and white sand beaches tend to sell themselves!  While there are scores of amazing beaches in Thailand, the one that will really do the trick is Railay Beach in Krabi Province. Just picture a gorgeous beach with clear water and majestic rocky outcrops beside limestone cliffs littered with caves and hidden lagoons. That's Railay. And it could be just the way to spend your lazy weekend afternoons.

2. For the food 

Ethnic food restaurants, specifically Thai, are incredibly popular worldwide. So instead of visiting a boring restaurant - because you know you'll ultimately end up disappointed and unsatisfied - why not just constantly surround yourself with the deliciousness? Try all your favourite dishes in the country that concocted those delicious flavours.

3. For the adventure

There is just so much to do in Thailand. It certainly won't fit in one post, but we'll highlight a couple of some of the particularly amazing activities you can do here.

  • Visit the floating markets - how many markets have you been to that float?

  • Explore the ancient temples - there are many and none are haunted (maybe).

  • Hike through the national parks - it's hard to beat lush green forests, rushing water falls and a UNESCO World Heritage Site or two.

4. For the cost of living 

Now typically, you could only get the previous three points at some fancy resort that costs a big chunk of change. But not in Thailand. The cost of living in this country is incredibly low, one of the lowest in the world, in fact. Visiting, or moving, to this country really gives you some bang for your buck, and hey, the people are pretty great too! Not to mention the scores of tourists constantly streaming in - you'll always be meeting new people. And that is a priceless.

Go ahead, visit Thailand. See if you won't want to call this paradise your home after that!