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Why you should spend your Christmas in Samoa

The holidays can be a hard time to be away from the family - anyone who has missed a big family gathering can tell you that. Missing out on the big Christmas dinner and all the family antics that come along with it certainly isn't made any easier when you are constantly receiving social media updates and missed phone calls from your great aunt who had been so excited to see you.

That is, unless, you've planned a trip to the tropical islands of Samoa - then it's not so hard to miss out at all. You love your family but there's no better time to take a holiday than during the holidays. But just in case you are feeling a little left out of the festivities, check out all our reasons as to why you shouldn't think twice about skipping Christmas with the family for a peaceful trip to the paradise that is the Samoan islands. 

Feast like you never have before

You probably have the same food at Christmas dinner every single year, don't you? So you already know what it's going to taste like, and it'll be there again next year. Why not try out some new flavours? Samoan cuisine is absolutely delectable, plus it's embedded within their culture to chow down as a family - here, meals are a really big social event that brings everyone together. 

You're going to love how fresh this feast tastes. Everything is caught right from the ocean, you'll get the best crayfish, snapper, tuna and octopus - Samoan chefs have it all! When you're not enjoying treats from the sea, you can look forward to indulging in Samoa's tropical fruits like passionfruit and papaya. Then for dessert, you'll drool over palusami - aka young taro leaves fused with coconut cream. See, you won't be missing anything at home!

You can make your own photo album

Feeling left out from the traditional family photo? No biggie, start posting your own (better) photos from your trip. There are so many amazing attractions that you can visit in Samoa, Grandma's living room can wait until the next family gathering (at which you can share the picture slide show of this getaway)! If you have a quick turn around, you can even get a family portrait shot and sent out to all your closest friends and family before the holiday season is even over. This brings us to our next point...

Change up the runaround

Do you have to run around town to see all your relatives, not to mention your partner's? Yes, it's nice to see everyone, but it can be more stressful than fun at times, and before you know it you're back in the office not feeling very relaxed at all. It's not selfish to want some time to de-stress, especially if you've had a long year. If you have to do a holiday hustle this year, make it to all the cool destinations around Samoa! 

Check out everything from the Sua Ocean Trench, to the Papase'ea Sliding Rocks and Samoa cultural village, and do it at your own pace. No need for a hectic runaround, there's more than enough time to do it all. Of course, just laying back on the white, sandy beaches and enjoying the Pacific sun is also a perfectly acceptable option to take advantage of.

Christmas away from the family can be hard, yes. But when you have all of this and more to look forward to on a little holiday of your own, we don't think you'll be feeling too sad for long!