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Who is Robert Louis Stevenson and why is there a museum dedicated to him?

If you're travelling to Samoa, a trip to the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum should definitely be on the cards.

More about the man

Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson was born on November 13 in 1850 deep in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland. He was best known for his novels, poems, essays and travel writing. Among some of his more well loved works is Kidnapped, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and Treasure Island - the action packed, coming of age story that follows Jim Hawkins through his escapades and adventures.

Stevenson was recognised for his literary genius when he was at his prime, and is still considered one of the greats.

Not only was he a writer, however, he was a historian, anthropologist and was constantly discovering the world and experimenting with storytelling.

In 1888, Stevenson decided to sail around the Pacific. He lived on various islands for periods of time, exploring and seeking out information about the islands, people and culture for his anthropological and historical book that focused on the South Seas.

He arrived with his family at Apia in the Samoan Islands in 1889 and, falling in love with the area, decided to build a house and settle in. His time here only proved to help him grow into someone who was healthy, aware of the harsh aspects of life but celebrating the wonder of it, and able to create amazing stories.

Why you should visit the museum

The museum is the ultimate place where you can get a glimpse into this figure's life. In the perfectly restored museum you can see where he wrote his stories, spent time with his family and spent his evenings. There are also a number of his works and memorabilia from his life in this stunning building. You're sure to begin to realise why the locals fell in love with this man and his stories were so popular.