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Top traditional Samoan foods for you to try

A trip to Samoa would not be complete without sampling as much of the local fare as you can. Though foods from around the world can be found on this magnificent island, one of the most enjoyable aspects of travelling is the fact that you get to try local delicacies that you may struggle to find anywhere else on Earth. Samoa does not disappoint on this front - but just what can you expect to excite your tastebuds on the islands?


Sometimes known as Palusami, this is among Samoa's best known traditional dishes, with a recipe that, though it may slightly vary, has barely changed for generations.

The roots of the taro plant are taken, then mixed with coconut cream and, if you so wish, onion. This is then wrapped in the taro leaves and cooked in an umu (a traditional Samoan above-ground oven that, uses embers and hot stones as its heat source).

When the bundle emerges from the umu, you'll be presented with a snack replete with a scintillating mix of flavours and tastes that are sure to leave you wanting more.

Oka l'a

The best way to describe oka ​i'a is to say that it's like the Samoan version of sushi - raw fish. Though this may sound initially unappetising, the fish, usually tuna, is served in succulent pieces with onion. This mixture is then marinated in coconut cream, lemon juice and salt, making for an excellent, healthy fish salad.

Faiai Fe'e   

How about something a little more daring? Faiai Fe'e is cooked octopus baked in coconut cream and eaten out of a half-coconut. It may look a little strange, but it sure is a tasty treat if you are a seafood lover.


Something for dessert? Fa'ausi is made from two Samoan staples - taro and coconut cream - which has been caramelised into a beautiful sweet to round your meal off.