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The travel ABCs of Samoa: Z is for zzz's after a massage

It's a bitter sweet moment - we have come to the end of our travel ABCs of Samoa series. We have traversed the stunning islands and lush rainforests, dipped into the cascading waterfalls, tasted the mouth-watering cuisine and best of all, earned an appreciation for the fa'a Samoa, the traditional Samoan way.

If you have followed us throughout this epic journey, thank you! We hope you have danced yourselves silly after learning the graceful Siva movements, and that your bellies are full after indulging in the authentic Samoan food recipes we shared.

There's only one thing left to do after all this activity: Snoozing.

In Samoa, a plethora of spas and massage therapists ensure you're getting the very best rest and relaxation experience. Why not unwind after a soothing massage with a peaceful nap?

Z is for...

Zzz's after a massage 

Samoa Travel notes that there is a rich history of traditional healing and massage treatments here, with the art of massage enhanced by the therapeutic plants that grow in this tropical haven.

The word for traditional healer in Samoan is 'taulasea', and for decades they have been using the bark, roots, leaves and juices of plants to treat injuries herbally and improve wellbeing. In particular, the nonu plant's leaves, banana, papaya flesh, organic honey and coconut oil are staples for this process.

The exotic, naturally beneficial flora of the country is used in facials and body wraps for a unique beauty experience. Samoan massage, or 'fofo' as it is called in the melodic native language, is truly relaxing and helps exfoliate the skin to reach a velvety soft surface.

Now, it's not just the massage table that is an ideal place to unwind and nap. The sands here are as soft as a blanket and with the sun warming your cheeks, many Samoan beaches are the ideal spot for an uninterrupted nap. There's a lot of places to catch some zzz's for an ultimate, relaxing holiday!