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The travel ABCs of Samoa: X is for x-treme sports

We know, we know, 'extreme' isn't typically spelt as x-treme - but with such an exhilarating array of adventure sports to try in Samoa, x-treme was the fitting title.

We are thundering along our travel ABCs of Samoa series, with the letter  Z on the horizon. Before we zoom to the final letter, though, let's get our adrenalin pumping with the range of adventure sporting activities in Samoa.

X is for...

X-treme sports

Given that Samoa is an island nation, happily situated among the tropical climate of the Pacific, it's not surprising that a lot of adventure sports here are based in water. The ocean is your playground here, with opportunities to sail catamarans or 35 feet (10 metre) high sailing yachts on day-charter tours. Dive off these boats and scuba along the stunning coral reefs below the waves, or pack your snorkelling gear and spend many hours underwater.

Game-fishing adventures are also on offer, with Samoa Travel noting there is a chance to win IGFA world records or line class records for the avid fisherman thanks to the friendly charter tour providers at Oceanic Sport Fishing Adventures. Charge through the waves and get the catch of the day onboard their air-conditioned 43 feet (13 metre) Cabo Flybridge, sweetly named Southern Destiny.

Of course, there's plenty to admire, not only onboard a boat, but within the waves themselves. Kayaking, surfing and paddleboarding are all options simply by renting gear from the different adventure sports hotels or shops in the busier city areas. You may even be lucky enough to spot sea turtles swimming near you on the edges of the coral reefs.

Passionate surfers already know that Samoa is an excellent surf spot, and can bring their own surfboard and stay on one of the many surfing resorts with beachfront accommodation. Easy access to the choice waves each morning!