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The travel ABCs of Samoa: R is for Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

It's time to roll right over to R in our alphabet guide on travelling in Samoa. Recently, we have looked at cave pools and waterfalls as well as which places are steeped in the legends and myths of Samoa, so now it is time to admire the 'R's on this sunny Pacific island.

R is for...

Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

Situated in Apia, this museum is beloved by the locals as it commemorates a man they deeply admired. Scottish poet and author Robert Louis Stevenson shared a very strong bond with the Samoans, as well as made his name in history as the man who penned classics such as Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Speaking of, what precisely is on show? The permanent collection boasts memorabilia that once belonged to this esteemed man, including personal objects such as the family silver, toys, furniture and these special delights: scrapbooks of family photographs. If you're a history buff, your heart will skip a beat once you see Stevenson's grandfather's longcase clock, an antique masterpiece.

Other highlights include his wedding band and ring, terrestrial globe and leaded toy soldiers. Original portrait paintings of Stevenson painted by artists such as Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Ernest Narjot are also on display.

If any of you have read his famous novel Treasure Island, you will squeal like a true fan once you lay eyes on Stevenson's father's cheese box which was the inspiration for a plot point within the story. Literature lovers will adore the range of vintage posters and older book cover art, such as an adaptation for Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, done around 1887.

Best of all, many of the rooms of the museum have stayed in similar layouts to how they looked when he lived within these walls. Walking through the hallways is literally like stepping back in time.