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The travel ABCs of Samoa: P is for Papasee'a Sliding Rock and Piula Cave Pool

Come one, come all to our alphabet guide about the best to see and do around Samoa!

We are slowly creeping ever closer to Z. Last time, we talked about the outstanding letter O, telling you all about the Old Apia Markets and O le Pupu-Pue National Park. Now it's time to prepare and party with P.

P is for...

Papasee'a Sliding Rock

As the name suggests, this is a large natural slide down a waterfall into a pool at the base, located in Apia. Both kids and adults can have a ball sliding down these four slides. The tallest is 5 metres, and in the busy season many people flock to the top to shimmy down. Younger adventurers can turn to the other three smaller slides.

There is a 200 step pathway that leads to the top of the sliding rocks, so take care on the slippery surface. Also, make sure you check the depth of the base pool if you're visiting Samoa in the dry season, so that it's safe to slide into. This is no problem in the wet season as it's an enjoyable, deep pool that's highly safe to splash into.

Piula Cave Pool

Looking back up at the sky from the inside of this cave pool is a stunning view, framed like an archway as green ferns trickle down the walls. Two freshwater grottoes are here for you to explore, situated side by side only a few metres from the sea. Fish swim throughout these cave pools, and the water is a pretty blue-green hue.

Best of all, if you're a strong swimmer you can immerse yourself into the natural 3 metre underwater passage that connects the two caves. Adventurers and travellers will adore this chance to be one with nature.

This wonder is based on Upolu, and thanks to its close proximity to the ocean, you can skip on over and swim in salt water, too.