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The travel ABCs of Samoa: O is for Old Apia Markets and O le Pupu-Pue National Park

It's that time again! Travel ABCs of Samoa are back for our outstanding 'O' session. We looked at N last week, and that brings us back to O, O, O, O (sung in the tune of The Sound of Music's 'Doe a deer'). 

O is for...

Old Apia Markets

There are two markets to peruse in Apia, one to delight your stomachs and the other to keep souvenir hunters happy. Souvenirs in all shapes and sizes can be found in these delightful markets, with local handicrafts on sale to really take an authentic piece of Samoa home with you.

Beaded jewellery made from sea shells, painted bracelets and anklets, wooden and woven flax baskets - with so much to choose from, you will enjoy the friendly haggling that is commonplace here. 

Colourful fruits and vegetables are on offer at the food markets will tempt your taste buds. They have been grown locally with love from Samoans, and include native delicacies such as taro (root vegetable) and tolo (sugar cane). Of course, coconuts are also on sale, so you can sip the refreshing drink as you meander the markets. 

O le Pupu-Pue National Park

Located on Upolu Island, this beautiful national park is vast, spreading from the sandy beaches up to the dense green tropical rainforests on the mountains in the centre of the island. A whopping 2,850 hectares of lush plants await you here, and this is habitat is home to over 40 different bird species. 

Togitogiga Falls are worth a visit, conveniently a short walk from the parks entrance. You can hear the sound of these waterfalls as you approach, a soothing and relaxing melody as you walk among the greenery. Peapea Cave is another landmark to visit within the O le Pupu-Pue National Park, also only a short walk away. Those wanting a work out can climb to the summit of Mount Fito, the tallest point on Upolu at 1,100 metres. 

Enjoy the 'O's as you ooh and ahh over them!