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The travel ABCs of Samoa: N is for niu and night life

It's time to jump right back into our alphabetic travel guide to everything sensational in Samoa! Last time, we were up to the marvellous letter M, so now lets nudge over to N. 

N is for...


In Samoa, 'niu' is the word for delicious coconut water. Throughout the Pacific, 'niu' is also used as the word for coconut, pronounced like "new".

Drunk icy cold, niu is an ideal way to immerse yourself in tropical paradise. Imagine sipping niu from a straw as your palms fold around the coconut, sitting on a sandy beach and gazing at the calming blue horizon of sea and sky. Coconut water is also excellent for your health and fitness, with more potassium than four bananas and low calorie content, according to Web MD. 

Night life 

Once the sun has set and your skin is still warm from the bronzed glow of a day spent tanning, turn your eyes to the skies. Balmy evenings in Samoa are a great time to experience the night life of the island. Bars and restaurants are dotted throughout Apia, the liveliest city in Samoa. Kava, the traditional drink of Samoa, is typically saved for special occasions, but see if you can get a taste while you're out and about. 

One of the best ways to enjoy the night life here is to attend a Fia Fia night. Most resorts host these cultural events, complete with a feast of local produce cooked in earth-ovens called 'umu' built with hot stones. Complement your niu with traditional cuisine also flavoured with coconut such as palusami, which is taro leaves baked in coconut cream. Another delicious treat is the 'oka', raw fish cooked in coconut cream. 

Best of all, the cultural dances that are a staple part of Fia Fia nights will inspire you to shake your tail feathers too. Samoan women dance the Siva, a graceful story-telling performance using their hands, while the men perform the fa'ataupati with clapping beats. Join in yourself for the taualuga - the final dance!