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The travel ABCs of Samoa: M is for Mount Matavanu and Museums

Manuia le aso! Good day to you, and welcome back to our alphabet guide where we have meandered to the letter M. Isn't it lovely that saying "good day" in Samoan also begins with the magnificent alphabet M.

Let us continue on our marvellous path and find out about all the mind-blowing and meaningful things to do and see in the tropical paradise of Samoa.

M is for...

Mount Matavanu 

This active volcano, located on the island of Savai'i, erupted continuously over the years 1905 to 1911, spewing lava and emblazoning the sky with fiery smoke. Fields of glowing embers and bright orange streams of molten rock traced their way down this soaring mountain, scorching everything in their path as far away as 13 kilometres.

Today, lush green forests have grown back and a visit to the crater is a breathtaking experience, offering picturesque views of the entire island. Rising 575 metres above sea level, set your eyes on the panoramic sights of the sea stretching out into the horizon and the small village of Saleaula perched at the base, displaying the signs of the volcano's wrath even today.


Although it is renowned for its beaches and cobalt blue oceans, Samoa has just as much excitement indoors as it does outside. A visit to the Museum of Samoa on the island of Upolu will delight everyone, its collection of art and objects housed in a charming colonial building that has stood the test of time for over a century.

Spectacular Pacific artefacts are on display, charting the culture and history of fa'a Samoa in a truly beautiful collection including pots from 3,000 years ago and the siapo, a form of tapestry woven by artisans throughout many generations of Samoan families.

The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum is another great spot, situated on Apia island. This famous Scottish poet and author is laid to rest here, and he met the love of his life at this very spot, making it an idyllic place for couples to visit.