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The travel ABCs of Samoa: L is for Lovers and Lalomanu

Afio mai! Welcome back to our ABC's about sunny Samoa, an alphabet guide for everything fun to see and do on this spectacular Polynesian island. If you have been our travel companion throughout this journey, you will remember all the wonderful islands in the region, from our instalment of the alphabet I and the entertaining sport of 'kilikiti' or Samoan cricket from our blog for K. That brings us to the lovely, leisurely, luxurious letter L.

L is for...

Lalomanu Beach 

With sparkling sand stretching for kilometres against shimmering aqua seas, Lalomanu Beach is considered one of the gems of the Pacific. Located on the southeastern tip of Upolu, the beach boasts powdery, soft golden sand - it is like a comforting bed to lie on.

The crystal clear waters of the protected lagoon are ideal for swimming and snorkelling among coral reefs with blue starfish, as well as a kaleidoscope of other colourful marine life. Soak in the sun and unwind, listening to the gentle sounds of waves lapping against the shore, or get in some quality family time building sandcastles decorated with pretty shells. The Lalomanu Crater Walk is another fun activity, with guided tours on offer to take you to the nearby extinct volcanic crater - an awe inspiring sight in its own right.


Ahhh, imagine the blissful sensation of sand between your toes and the sun warming your cheeks as you stroll through either one of these beaches, holding hands with the love of your life. Yes folks - perhaps the sweetest L of all in Samoa is for lovers!

Wouldn't this tropical island make a picturesque, idyllic backdrop for a honeymoon? Romantic activities include staying in a traditional fale right on the beach, taking a couples night cruise, lounging on a hammock together under the shade of a palm tree and for those who want a bit of exercise doubles-kayaking through the sapphire waters.