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Surprise someone with a trip to Samoa this Christmas

The festive season is almost upon us and with it comes the yearly shopping rush, as people scramble to find the perfect gifts for their family and friends. While you can never go wrong with jewellery or cologne, you may want to go the extra mile for someone special this year. Surprising a loved one with a trip to Samoa is a surefire way to get you onto next year's nice list.

Organising the trip

As with any holiday, a gifted tropical vacation will take planning. If the person already knows what they're getting then this is markedly easier, as they can arrange time off for work themselves. However, pulling off a surprise is more difficult - but still completely doable!

If you're on good terms with their boss, you might be able to organise some time off. A safer bet is to ask them to take a certain amount of holiday days. If you feel like that may give the jig away, be extra sneaky and make up a commitment. Maybe there's a family reunion coming up, or Aunt Mabel who lives three hours out of town needs a dog sitter. Let them think that this is what they're taking time off for, then surprise them with a holiday!

It would also help to know a bit about what your loved one may want to do in Samoa once they get there. Are they interested in visiting museums and cultural centres, or would they prefer to sunbathe on the beach? Knowing this will help you book a resort that will ensure your vacation partner gets the holiday they want.

How should you give it to them?

While a trip to the beautiful Samoan islands is a pretty impressive gift in itself, the lead up to the big reveal is part of what will make this present so memorable. On Smart Women Travellers, Carol Margolis explains that she gave her husband one clue every day of December until Christmas.

You could do this with several smaller presents, akin to the Twelve Days of Christmas. Build anticipation by giving them one holiday-related thing every day, whether that be a pair of thongs, a bottle of sunblock, a snorkel mask or a new bathing suit.

Alternatively, if you'd like to be more mysterious, write down several clues on festive cards and hide them around the house for your loved one to find throughout Christmas. Regardless of how you lead up to it, when December 25 rolls around they'll burst with joy when they see what you've gotten them.