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Samoa for Couples

Beautiful beaches and waterfalls, spectacular sunsets, luxury resorts and welcoming people: Samoa has everything you need for a wonderfully romantic escape.

Lalomanu Beach is widely considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Samoa, making it a great place to start if you’re looking for romantic locations.  Set at the south-eastern tip of Upolu, about sixty kilometres from downtown Apia, the beach itself offers powdery, soft golden sand, while the crystal-clear waters of the protected lagoon are ideal for swimming and snorkelling.  When you tire of looking at colourful coral reefs dotted with blue starfish and a kaleidoscope of other colourful marine life, you can soak in the sun and unwind, listening to the gentle sounds of waves lapping against the shore.

On the opposite side of Upolu, you’ll find the white sands of Tafa Tafa Beach. As well as fantastic swimming and snorkelling, there's the option to rest in the shade of fales built along the shore – some even have curtains added for the ultimate nap-time bliss.

Heading away from the beaches but equally romantic are the Sopoaga Falls, near the village of Lotofaga in south-eastern Upolu.  The waterfall looks like a lace curtain, jetting down in a ribbon-straight line, and are framed by gardens with unique, exotic Samoan flowers, which have been signposted for the curious traveller.

If you’re heading for Savai’i, you won’t miss out on waterfalls: the Afu Aau Falls, (also known as Olemoe Waterfall) at the south-eastern end of the island is one of Savai’i's top attractions.  Access is a little tricky, but well worth to swim in the cool, fresh water, surrounded by emerald green rainforest.

A romantic dinner for two in Samoa is a chance to try a selection of fresh local delicacies: ota, which is a fresh fish salad, oka, which is raw, marinated fish served in coconut cream, and umu, which is food that is wrapped in banana leaves before being placed in a traditional earth oven – look for fresh octopus that has been cooked in coconut cream in an umu and served in a coconut shell.

If you’re looking for souvenirs to serve as mementoes of your time in Samoa, head for the markets in Apia.  You’ll find a selection of local handicrafts on sale, including from beaded jewellery made from sea shells, painted bracelets and woven baskets.  Haggling is commonplace but treat it as friendly fun rather than a win-at-all-costs situation.  Apia’s other market offers you a chance to try locally-grown treats such as bananas, star fruit, papayas and mangoes – gather up a selection of favourites for a romantic picnic.

Samoa offers a range of accommodation options to provide the ideal home base for a romantic getaway.  Maybe you prefer the simplicity of a traditional fale located just metres from the water’s edge, or perhaps the luxury of a five-star resort: maybe a combination of both?  Whatever you choose, there are plenty of activities that make Samoa ideal for couples holidays: taking a cruise to the smaller outlying islands, paddling a double kayak across a tranquil lagoon, snorkelling hand-in-hand or lounging together in a hammock beneath a palm tree.

A couples’ massage is another great way to spend time together, and also gives you the chance to experience the traditional Samoan massage technique, known as fofo, which incorporates local, therapeutic plants such as nonu, banana, papaya and coconut oil.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere special to spend your honeymoon or simply looking to spend some quality time with a loved one in a special location, Samoa can deliver a romantic break that’s completely unforgettable.  Ask you Hoot Holidays consultant for their favourite recommendation.