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How to stay fit while on holiday in Samoa

How to stay fit while on holiday in Samoa

You're on holiday, but that doesn't mean you need to give up the healthy lifestyle you've worked so hard to create. When you're out of the home, it can be hard to find ways to perform your normal exercise routine. Fortunately, we have a couple of tips for you to keep that body in shape even if you're supposed to be "relaxing" while on your Samoan getaway. Put your sneakers on and let's go!

Partake in water activities 

You're on a tropical island, so opportunities for some the best exercise known to man are abundantly at your disposal. Head to the beach, all you'll need is your swimsuit (and the sports equipment - but that's available for rent down at the beach). Water sports are beneficial for you a number of ways. Activities like swimming and sea kayaking are overall amazing for your body because of the resistance provided by the water. 

Other sports like surfing improve your core strength as you have to work on your balance to stay upright and enjoy the ride. Don't forget to stay well-hydrated, you're in the water but you're still sweating, especially under that Pacific sun.

Running on the beach 

Walking on sand is hard, running on sand is harder. The unstable surface and the sinking of every step, make it a challenge for your body to lift your foot and continue each step, therefore making your body need to work harder to push forward. Naturally, the thicker the sand the more challenging it is to run. Running closer to the water will give your body a little bit of a break because that sand tends to be a tight, firm surface. Move up the beach a little and you'll really begin to feel the burn in your calves. 

Biking to destinations 

Everything you want to see in this country is within biking distance. Some trips might be longer than others, but it's doable and a great workout! Tackle all the hills and some off-road terrain every now and then. You can even participate in biking tours to make sure you see all the amazing sites that this paradise has to offer. 

Once you start exercising in Samoa, you might not even want to leave because you'll notice how much better your workout routine has become! Of course, the exercise "equipment" here is some of the most beautiful you'll ever use. What can beat white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and lush green forestry? Certainly not the cold metal you're surrounded by in the weight room! But hey, you're on holiday - don't forget to lay back and enjoy the "equipment" every now and then at least.