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Here's why "Treasure Island" is the perfect read for a holiday in Samoa

Here's why "Treasure Island" is the perfect read for a holiday in Samoa


When you go on vacation, it's pretty standard to bring a couple of good books to read. These are those stories that have been sitting on your nightstand for months, the ones that you've been telling yourself that you need to start. Well don't worry, we understand life happens and it can mean sacrificing your quiet reading time. But now that you're going on vacation you can reclaim that time and those books!

So what are you going to take? We're typically full of suggestions, but if you're going to Samoa, then we think there's one book in particular that you really must read: "Treasure Island".

Why does your holiday in Samoa pair so perfectly with "Treasure Island" you ask? Well, you have to read on to find out!

The scenery 

First thing's first - you're not going to have the same reading experience cooped up in some hotel than you will sitting on a beach in paradise. You'll feel like you're right in the middle of all the action - especially once the characters head off to look for the buried treasure! When you're taking a break from reading, you might just feel the urge to go on a little adventure yourself! Fortunately there are plenty of beaches and jungles to explore, or boats to commandeer! Okay, maybe not commandeer, but certainly ones that you can enjoy a nice cruise on.

Samoa is the resting place of Robert Louis Stevenson 

The author of this classic story, Robert Louis Stevenson, was also a big fan of Samoa. During a visit he fell in love with the friendly people (some of the friendliest people in the world, tourists agree) and the unique culture, And, of course, that beautiful scenery we were talking about earlier! In fact, he loved this country so much, that he was buried at the top of Mount Vaea. So once you've finished this book, head out on a journey up the mountain and visit the grave of the author himself!

Just be sure to bring your map so you don't get lost - make it a real treat by marking his grave with a big X, that way you'll feel a little bit like a pirate yourself.

See? We know what we're talking about. Make sure "Treasure Island" is at the top of your reading list. It'll make your trip extra special, not to mention it's just a great, classic read.