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Fancy a biking tour of Samoa?

So you're headed to the beautiful island paradise that is Samoa for your holiday getaway are you? Good choice! This beautiful landscape has so much to explore - though it's equally pleasing to just sit back, relax and take in the sights from a cosy hilltop somewhere. The lush greenery that meets the white sandy coast and aquamarine waters are stunning no matter how many times you've seen these views. Once you sit, you won't want get up, let alone leave the country when your holiday ends.

By now, you're probably already wondering how you can make the most of your trip without wasting a moment inside. Well, we think we have a simple solution for you. Why not tour your island area on a bike? This way you don't even need to jump in a car to get to each of your destinations and there's more flexibility to stop and explore wherever you want.

Here are our best tips on how you can best enjoy a nice biking tour of Samoa, check them out!

Map the must-see sights

What's first on your Samoan bucket list? The island has tonnes to do and see - including the Sua Trench and Alofaaga Blowholes. Take each attraction day by day, when you're biking you don't need to do it all at once. Depending on how far away the sight is, you'll likely have plenty to explore as you go from point A to B.

Take frequent breaks 

Don't venture too far, these islands might be small but you won't want to wear yourself out too quickly on your trip. The geography here is perfect for taking roadside stops as you bike, anyway. You'll find that pulling over for a quick pit-stop is easier than you thought as the roads are littered with either a stall filled with fresh fruit, or a refreshing pool to dive into.

Pack a picnic lunch 

Or even breakfast and dinner - and you'll be well equipped to spend all day in the soft Samoan sun. It might be a little bit of extra weight, but hey, now you're getting a little more exercise while saving a little bit of money too! Don't forget that this includes plenty of water (and some sunscreen while you're at it) as it can get hot spending all day in the sun.

With this plan, you won't waste a minute of the gorgeous Samoan weather - you'll only need to go inside to sleep!