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Bring your kids to Aggie Grey's

There are few things that bond a family together quite like a relaxing Pacific holiday. Spending those days or weeks with pure smiles on your faces can be a rewarding experience that creates memories to last a life time. When you bring your kids to Samoa, make sure to stay in Aggie Grey's Resort and Spa to give your kids an activity they really won't forget.

Dolphin Club

From 9am until 5pm every day, with extended hours on Thursdays, your kids can take part in Aggie Grey's fantastic Dolphin Club. While you and your partner disappear off to the spa or nearby beach, your kids will be looked after by a team of friendly professionals and entertained for the day. What's better? It's absolutely free! As a part of the Dolphin Club, your youngsters will get to go crab hunting after a morning walk, learn about Samoan dances and words and watch some movies. The course is extremely hands on, and also includes making leis, building sand sculptures and tasting coconuts. If your children are between three and 12 years old then make sure you get them into the Dolphin Club.

Aqua Samoa Watersports

Right next door to Aggie Grey's Resort is the fantastic Aqua Samoa. For all the splish-splashy fun they could ask for, Aqua Samoa has the answer. On the crystal blue waters of the Upolu coastline, your children can participate in a range of thrilling watersports activities. Do you think they will enjoy going fast, screaming their lungs out with joy on a biscuit? Or perhaps they'd be more interested in going at their own pace by jumping in a kayak or excitedly pedalling a pedal boat. The fun is only as endless as your children dare to imagine, so pop just next door from your hotel room and get wet!