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5 fun facts about Samoa

5 fun facts about Samoa


Are you someone who always likes to have a fun fact stored in your back pocket for every topic around every occasion? Having fun tidbits about random (or not-so-random) things is a great party trick. The world is simply full of interesting little facts that make great additions to conversations and can even end up turning into an entire anecdote. As such, we want to help you expand your fun fact knowledge bank with some interesting information from all corners of the world.

Today, we'll focus on five of the most fun facts about the unique island paradise that is Samoa. Let's jump right in!

1. Not one, but nine islands 

We'll kick this off with some good old geography! Samoa is not just one big island, it is actually a grouping of nine islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. Don't be fooled however, nine sounds like a lot, but there are only 2,830 square kilometres of land with a population of 176,908. The two largest islands are Saval'i and Upolu, and they are incredibly beautiful as they are covered with lush green forests, mountain ranges and surrounded by coral reefs. The highest point is Mount Sisisili at 1,857 metres tall (a view you can't beat).

2. Samoans, aka happy people 

In Polynesia, Samoans are nicknamed "happy people" because they are some of the friendliest and good-spirited people on earth. It is an incredibly peaceful country that still has a strong focus on family and tradition. Families tend to live in the same village and often within the same cluster of homes sharing their possessions. The people in Samoa have a strong Christian faith that has been influenced by European and American missionaries.

3. Obese was good 

The majority of this population is a little more overweight than others - a fact that would typically sound alarming to most other cultures. However, here, the bigger you are the better. Traditionally, Samoans found that a heavy frame is a symbol of health, wealth and happiness. This is because village chiefs were always well fed and therefore they were the largest, naturally everyone looked to the chief as a role model for how they should look and from there obesity was born.

4. It's got some screen time 

Often big movies go to Hollywood or big countries to film their movies. However, in 2011, Samoa made its big debut in theatres with the movie "The Orator". This was the first Samoan feature film that was shot entirely in Samoa. It is an incredibly acclaimed movie telling the tale of a taro farmer and a dwarf fighting for his right to his father's status as chief. This is a film you simply must see to learn a bit more about the culture of this country.

5. Robert Louis Stevenson is buried on Mt. Vaea 

Novelist Robert Louis Stevenson was a 19th century Scottish writer who is most famous for stories like "Treasure Island" and "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde". If you're familiar with these stories, you know that they can be relatively dark tales and you'd expect them to come from a dark soul. Well, one visit to Samoa and Louis Stevenson fell in love with the country and the happy people. He decided to finish the rest of his life there and when he died, he was laid to rest on Mt. Vaea overlooking Apia, the country's capital city.

Don't forget, you can make these facts more interesting and personal if you actually visit the country. Reading is one thing (never stop expanding your mind!) but actually being able to say you were there in person is a whole other story. Though, after reading these five facts, we doubt you need your arm twisted to go for your next holiday!