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3 natural wonders in Samoa

The tropical islands of Samoa have many natural wonders that will make your jaw drop. Take your kids to these three attractions and prepare to be wowed by what Samoa has to offer.

Alofaaga Blowholes

What has been dubbed some of the world's most spectacular blowholes should definitely make it to your bucket list. In the village of Taga on the south-west side of Savaii you will witness the majestic power of nature. The blowholes shoot water hundreds of feet into the air. Sometimes locals throw coconuts into the holes - it's quite the spectacle when these shoot into the air.

While you're here, check out Pa Sopo'ia Cave. The local Matais can show you the way and will likely tell you of the legend that this is an ancient pathway to the Devil's Haden, which is the final meeting place before the spirit world.

Make the most of your visit and stay in local huts right on the beach. Known as fales, these huts are authentic Samoan accommodation where many locals stay. You can also visit the villages for a small fee and lounge on the white sand beaches.

Piula Cave Pool

This freshwater cave pool is also known as Fatumea Cave Pool and connects two caves with a small underwater entrance. The pool is both wondrous with its bright blue hue and natural rock formations, and refreshing - the perfect place to have a picnic.

Head to Piula Theological College and find the pools out the back. Open every day but Sunday, this is an ideal spot to cool off.

Mt Matavanu

Located in the village of Safotu, this mountain is now where you can find lush, native foliage and enjoy the tropical rainforest of Samoa. However, between 1905 and 1911, it was an active volcano. It's hard to believe this now verdant attraction once released slow moving lava that took out some of the village of Saleaula.