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two unique swimming locations in Samoa

Nature is a pretty wonderful thing. The shapes and formations it carves out over the course of millennia can be surreal, beautiful and exciting. When you couple these curious geological artworks with azure lagoons, tropical rain forests and gorgeously hot weather, you have a recipe for holiday success. The next time you bring your family to Samoa, make sure to visit these two unique swimming locations for a relaxing dip and some unbeatable photographs.

To Sua Ocean Trench

From the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel simply bus 50 minutes across the island to the southern coastline village of Lotofaga and the spectacular To Sua Ocean Trench. Thought to have been created when a large chunk of molten rock collapsed many years ago, To Sua - which translates to 'big hole' - is a secluded swimming lagoon in a giant 30-metre hole. The locals have constructed a wooden ladder for ease of access and charge a small entry fee upon arrival. It's all worth it, however, when you see the crystal waters surrounded by dramatic rock faces and luminous island forestry.

Piula Cave Pool

Situated just beneath the Piula Theological College in Lufilufi, just 20 minutes east of Apia, are two equally fantastic ocean pools connected by a cave. For a small entry fee, visitors can relax in the sparkling waters just metres from the ocean in a safe, fun environment. If the sun is too hot, simply swim into the cave and cool off in the natural shade, or attempt to find the underwater 3-metre tunnel that connects the two pools together. When you've had your aquatic fill, set up a picnic around the grass and soak in the sights for a while to see what kinds of fish you can spot in the water!