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the top five things to do in Kuala Lumpur

The top five things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Gathering the whole family together for an exciting trip to Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur? Good choice! The rumours you've heard are true, it's truly a unique and amazing adventure, filled with fun for all ages. The only question is, what do you do there? You've likely done some research on all the amazing things there are to experience, but you won't have time for it all! This guide will help you make some educated decisions so you can make the most of your visit.

Check out the top five things you have to make it to on your trip to KL below.

1. Visit the Petronas Twin Towers

You can't miss this iconic stop - literally, you'll see it looming in the skyline from miles away, and then you'll be able to see for many more miles once you visit its SkyBridge. This 88 story-high structure is a thrill for all visitors, but space is limited because of its popularity, so you'll have to get there early for tickets.

2. Suria KLCC Shopping Mall

Once you're doing taking in the view from above, you can take a visit to the Suria KLCC Shopping Mall, conveniently located right at the base of the Petronas Towers. It features a weeks worth of fun, as it has everything from food courts to a movie theatre to an art gallery to the amazing shopping brands.

3. KLCC Park

Head to the centre of the city and what will you find? The KLCC Park, of course. Here you'll get a nice breath of fresh air from the busy metropolis, with plush green grass and plenty of recreational facilities. If it gets too hot on your stay, take a dip in the pond, but look out for the giant whale statue in the middle!

4. Dive into Aquaria 

Perfect for a family of thrill seekers and nature lovers, the Aquaria is the attraction for those who have always wanted to try shark driving. Yes, KL might be landlocked, but this aquarium lets visitors get as up close and personal with the sharks as they want. You can either swim freely or jump in a cage. Either way, it's bound to be great entertainment.

5. Stop by Chinatown

Malaysia is well known for its cultural diversity, though one of the more dominating ethnicities is Chinese. Chinatown is a bustling maze of heritage, history and of course, great shopping. Here you can find everything from foreign spices to discounted goods - although be forewarned, some of those so-called designer items might be imitation.

While there is plenty more to do in Malaysia's capital, these attractions are an absolute must. Don't miss out!