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24 Hours in Hong Kong

24 Hours in Hong Kong

 With so much packed into a small and easy-to-travel location, Hong Kong is the perfect city for short stay travellers. To prove it, here's a guide to some of Hong Kong's best-loved attractions, put together as an itinerary allowing you to get the most out of just 24 hours in this unique city.

Jump aboard the famous Star Ferry

Waking up in your conveniently located hotel in downtown Hong Kong, it's only a 20-minute walk to the hustle and bustle of Victoria Harbour.

Here you'll find the Star Ferry. Sailing every day between 6:30 AM and 11:30 PM, it has been a feature of the city since 1888. The ride takes around 10 minutes - be sure to take advantage of every second.

As you pull away from the docks, watch as the skyscrapers become framed by hills of lush jungle, but don't just look up! With floating restaurants and traditional sailing boats mixing with flash yachts, the harbour itself is always a hive of life.

Time to scale that peak

From one iconic mode of transport to another, the Peak Tram must be squeezed into your day in Hong Kong. From the pier to the tram terminus is only a 20-minute walk, and then it's onwards and upwards to the top of Victoria Peak.

While riding the 125-year-old tram is very much part of the experience, it's worth noting that queues can be long. Even during the week expect lines to grow quickly after 5 pm. That's why we advise you tick off this legend of Hong Kong earlier during the day, preferably before 9 am.

Once at the top you'll be greeted with 360-degree views of the harbour, and beyond. We recommend that you take your time and drink in all Victoria Peak has to offer.

The best Hong Kong shopping

Hong Kong has something for all shoppers.

Located just over a kilometre from the Peak Tram terminus is Graham Street Market. Open Monday-Saturday until late, this market is living proof of the city's rural history. Sample local fruits, purchase souvenirs or just take in the sights and smells, this is a truly authentic Hong Kong experience.

Geographically close, but worlds away in every other sense, is the grand IFC Mall. As well as upmarket fashion brands and cutting-edge technology, you can find the latest films shown in luxurious theatres, and a selection of restaurants.

Did someone say restaurants?

By now you've been on the go awhile. Time to refuel.

A great snack for those trying to make the most of their 24 hours in Hong Kong is dim sum. This humble food has a long and close relationship with the city and is perfect for on-the-go eating.

Whilst you'll find dim sum everywhere you go, our tip is the Hong Kong Central Tim Ho Wan outlet. Sound familiar? After gaining the crown for the world's cheapest Michelin-starred dish in 2005, this restaurant now has branches in Australia, but this is where it all began.

Man Mo Temple

With your strength replenished jump in a cab for the seven-minute ride to Man Mo Temple.

This atmospheric temple is one of the oldest in the city. Despite being surrounded by skyscrapers in the centre, Man Mo is incredibly peaceful, and as an active place of worship, you have the opportunity to see ceremonies taking place.

Open daily 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM, it is awash with vibrant colours, god images, and traditional smells of sandalwood and incense.

Give your feet a break

The historic Ding Ding street tram is a great way to keep seeing the city as your feet start to tire. These stylish double-decker trams run along the shore of Hong Kong island, and offer a great chance for some respite, especially for families with younger kids.

A vibrant finale

Eating early is a good idea, as you'll want to get a good position for this one. Head back across the harbour, this time as it begins to light up for the night, and find yourself the perfect place on Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade as the city's skyscrapers come alive with a dazzling display. 'A Symphony of Lights', which begins at 8:00 PM, has amazed tourists every night since 2004, and is known around the world.

Updated in 2017 this is the perfect way to round of your day in Hong Kong.

Well, almost.

Temple Street Night Market 

For those to squeeze every last minute out of their Hong Kong stay, before heading to bed take a 10-minute taxi ride from the promenade to the Temple Street Night Market.

With an atmosphere and colours that have won it a place in several movies, you will find everything from trinkets to noodles and much more at this nightly market.

This list shows just how much a Hong Kong holiday has to offer. To find out more about this exciting and action-packed destination, get in touch with Hoots today.