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What's in a Pineapple: 4 reason why it's Hawaii's favourite fruit


Pineapples and Hawaii are synonymous with one another. Close your eyes and imagine taking a sip of pineapple juice. You can almost feel the cool breeze of the salty Pacific tussling your hair and the warmth of the sun on your skin. This spiny fruit is a gift from the tropical gods, and is delicious in every form. Slurp it up as a juice or smoothie, or enjoy it in a fruit salad, either way nothing beats that unique flavour. And, the best thing about this sweet treat is that you cannot overindulge! Pineapples are as healthy as they are tasty!

Check out these four reasons why Hawaiians love pineapples, and why you should too!

They're one of Hawaii's most famous exports

Hawaii has recently been dethroned as the world's largest pineapple producer. Now the Philippines, Brazil and Costa Rica own the title. However, the Hawaiian selection still remains at the top of the game. Pineapples from Hawaii tend to be fresher and therefore tastier than their rivals. Of course, you get to enjoy it in its most pure state if you go to visit the islands.

They act as a great digestive aid

When on vacation, many tend to let loose and eat whatever they please. You're on vacation! Junk food doesn't count! But, should a stomachache occur as a result, rest assured that pineapple has your back. As it turns out, their composition of water and fibre is quite beneficial to the digestive process. Just a little bit of the fruit will regulate the digestive tract.

There are some serious beauty benefits

The pineapple isn't just good for you internally, it also does wonders for your exterior as well. This is good news for those who got a little too much vitamin D on the beach. The vitamin C found in this tropical fruit can either be ingested or used topically to help repair sun damage and pollution, improving overall skin texture and reducing wrinkles.

Additionally, vitamin C helps fight and ward off colds, so no one has to worry about spoiling the vacation by getting sick.

They help reduce stress

And finally, you're on vacation and you're trying to destress. Pineapples contain vitamin B, which aids the brain in being able to cope with stress properly. This might be a good explanation as to why islanders are so carefree! Perhaps the old saying should be modified to 'a pineapple a day keeps the doctor away.'

Do your trip to Hawaii right, and relax with a pineapple in hand the whole time!