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Top 5 most romantic things to do in Hawaii

Top 5 most romantic things to do in Hawaii

Hawaii is the classic honeymoon destination for couples all over the world. And it's no wonder why - the white sandy beaches, tropical forestry and azure ocean waves practically paint the picture of romance. And that's not even mentioning all the amazing couples activities that you can take part in when you choose this as a destination for your romantic honeymoon - or even just as a regular holiday!

Let's explore the top five romantic activities to do in Hawaii when you're on your honeymoon, or just as a nice romantic getaway. 

1. Picnic on the beach at sunset 

There's something about a picnic on the beach under a palm tree watching the sun set behind the waves that's just breathtakingly romantic. Don't forget to pack a bottle (or two) of champagne to sip on as you enjoy each other's company. It's a simple, yet very intimate date idea.

2. Private helicopter tour

Curl up next to your sweetie as you enjoy a totally new view of the islands. Other than the pilot, you're totally alone with one another, experiencing a unique view that not everyone gets to try. In the air, you'll get a birds-eye-view of the pastures, beaches and waves - maybe you'll even get to see some dolphins playing around in the water!

3. Pose for pictures in the infinity pool 

Infinity pools look cool, but when you think about it, they can also be a really lovely metaphor for your relationship. Your love is as infinite and full of possibilities as these pools. Plus, they're perfectly romantic - you could spend hours in the warm water gazing out over the tropical Hawaiian views.

4. Oceanfront massages 

There's nothing quite like feeling the salty spray of the waves carried by a soft tropical breeze as you feel the nimble fingers of a masseuse working out your post wedding stress-knots (not that you have anything to stress about in your relationship). Nonetheless, you'll walk away from this experience feeling totally relaxed and connected to your S.O.

5. Couples horseback riding

Horseback riding on the beach with your significant other is a common romantic (and not the least bit dramatic) fantasy. Lucky for you, Hawaii is filled with quaint riding trails that lead you either up mountainsides for a special view of the ocean below, or down to the ocean for a close up view and trot along the beach.

No matter what the occasion is for your visit to Hawaii, you're now officially equipped to have a perfectly romantic getaway.